Adding in some conditioning

For the last few months, I've been mostly focusing on gaining strength. Now, am changing my programming to a more balanced one - strength, endurance, speed, and mobility/flexibility. Hill sprints are my favourite workout. And that's precisely the workout that forms a core part of my conditioning days.

  • Pick a distance you are confident of sprinting. In my case, it is about 40m.
  • If you are just starting this, don't worry about the number of sprints you are gonna do.
  • Sprint - give it all you got
  • Jog/amble back down
  • At the bottom, add in some active rest. In my case, I did 5 pushups and 10 air squats. Then, throw in some extra breathing time if necessary. This is pretty minimum in the first couple of sprints, and slowly grows. You can add in more discipline (keeping rest period constant) after you are more conditioned. I am certainly not close to that. After that - sprint. Again, give it all you got.
  • If you feel yourself slowing down, add in a few more seconds of rest. If you are too slow, time to call it a day.
  • On Tuesday, I managed only 4 sprints. But 4 days later, am up to 8. Over the course of the next few weeks, my goal is to increase the sprints x distance to about 1000m. Not much is it?! But it is a lot harder than a 1000m run, trust me. Today was just 320m.
  • I did this while fasted i.e. my previous meal was about 17 hours earlier. It went a lot better than I thought, and the rain certainly helped! If you are gonna attempt this on an empty stomach, I advise having water/coconut water/fruit handy. The second you feel light-headed, stop and eat something.

Give it a shot. It is a fun, easy workout. HIITs for the win!

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