Choose Your Poison

Diets don't work mostly because they are not sus­tain­able. You might be able to pull off a few weeks of eat­ing like a monk but will inevitably find your­self eat­ing a tub of mint choco­late chip at 3am in the morn­ing. Sounds familiar right? Having a 100% squeaky clean diet for just a month is way less effective than being 80% compliant for 6 months (or the rest of your life). Consistency is key. Clear? When it comes to being fit, leading a healthy+sustainable lifestyle, many decisions revolve around choice, just like anything else. I get quite a few questions from clients and friends, asking me:

What's your stance on alcohol during a workout program? Are you saying I can never eat ice-cream? You telling me never to touch grains again? Why can't I get crazy-drunk and still be fit? Dude, what's wrong with the occasional smoke?

The questions have been worse, but I'll stop. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="453" caption="Is this you?"][/caption] We have access to several of these "poisons" and life isn't any fun without the occasional indulgence. But as these things always go, it is always a bit more com­plex than a sim­ple yes/no. So here's my simple suggestion - choose your poison and enjoy it occasionally! You can't have it all and stay fit. Be sensible about it, be proud of it. Do you think eating pizza and drinking beer every day is not gonna have an effect, or you will magically get a six-pack doing that? Something's gotta give - either your fitness/health goals, or your indulgences. No such thing as a genie or a magic lamp. Indulge occasionally - you'll enjoy it a lot more, trust me! For my clients, my recommendation is a bit stricter to start off. Removing toxins, eating clean, and letting your body re-adjust is vital to success of the programme. So, until we see measurable results towards their  goals, I advise against adding these. But this is normally for a period of 4 weeks or less. After that, maintaining a clean lifestyle with the occasional indulgences becomes a piece of cake. You need to fix up your body a bit, before you can indulge a bit. You’ve abused your body for years — you should be excited to eat right for a month and feel the results, especially when healthy meals look like this! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="461" caption="I can take down 2-3 of these"][/caption] Let's take me as an example. I love choco­late ice-cream. I eat about half a tub every third week, and that’s coz am on a lean­ing cycle currently. Oth­er­wise, it varies from weekly to every other week. I ensure the ice-cream does not con­tain any taboo items, like gluten. But just coz I eat half a tub doesn’t mean you should, and expect it not to affect you. I put in the hard work — eat­ing clean for a while to help my body reset, and all my meals are pretty darn close to the Eat Real Food. Make sure you nutrition is pretty darn clean to ensure you don't work your way backwards. To summarize, 1. If on a weight loss program, stay strict until your trainer and you are satisfied with results.
2. Stay away from gluten, period!
3. Make your daily meals align with the ERF template
4. Being con­sis­tent with your clean lifestyle will get you there, and keep you there.
5. And if you do that right, choose your poison and enjoy the occasional indulgence

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