The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine - Bruce Lee.

I am proud to have a wife, and family that supports me in my endeavours. For the past 3 years, I've been looking for the right reason to move back to India. I wasn't sure what it was gonna be, but I knew I was gonna move back someday soon. I wanna help people. I wanna make a difference in their lives. That's how I got into User Experience Design, from being a programmer. Almost everyone uses technology - if I could make it easier for them to use, that's a positive difference in their lives. But once in a while, there comes a new opportunity to do more. This post is about that. I am gonna quit my six-figure paying job in the wonderful city of San Francisco, sell my awesome car, and say goodbye to all the wonderful friends I've made here. And move back to my hometown of Madras. And I am gonna start a gym. Not just any gym, and not just me. I got a partner-in-crime on this. Couple of years ago, when I had the seeds of this idea, it was pretty vague - "I am gonna open a CrossFit box" - was as far as I had though. Then comes one of those random meetings that change things up, to say the least. Over the past year, the two of us have been developing our own training philosophy. I think building something big takes more than one person. And in Raj Ganpath, I met a guy supremely passionate about health and fitness, and hell-bent on helping people achieve their fitness goals. More importantly, I found a friend and a business partner. Now to the "not just a gym" part. If you've been reading our blogs regularly, you know we don't do the same-old things you see all around you.  We want to help change this field fundamentally, we wanna change the system, and help improve it. Why do we have to grow old without a fight? Why do we have to settle for sub-par fitness and nutrition advice?Even if it is just a weekend sport you are playing - wouldn't you like to be better at it? Wouldn't you just like everything to feel better? It doesn't stop just there. We have some great ideas, and long-term plans. We are here to stay, we are here to make a difference. The gym is the first step in what is gonna be an awesome journey. If you like what we are about - talk to us. We wanna talk to people. We wanna talk to you. [caption id="attachment_1524" align="aligncenter" width="408" caption="Welcome to The Quad"][/caption] After all that talk - here it is - Welcome to The Quad.

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