Get Started Already

It is a traditional (south) Indian custom to wait for an auspicious date and time before embarking on something new or important. At the risk of losing more readers, I will refrain from commenting too much on that matter. But let's talk about waiting for that "right" time before fixing your health. There's a bunch I've heard, here's just three.

It is crazy at work. I will do something as soon as this project ends

Sure, understandable. But what's next after this project? Another one. And how is that gonna be any different? It is not. Training right takes about 3 hours a week, and you can do that with no equipment. Not sure how - send me an email and consult. Or look up a couple of posts, this one for example. Don't have 3 hours in a week? Well, think about it when you spend all those hours in bed when you are unwell, or after you tweak your back trying to lift that heavy suitcase. The emphasis (or lack of) that we place on preventive medicine is woefully inadequate. > I am gonna start next month (or next Monday)

Dude, seriously, the old proverb "Tomorrow never comes" comes to mind. Seriously!? Now - seize the day and get started. > My family's visiting. I need to spend time with them, and eat out with them.

Again - don't have 3 hours a week?! Get up one hour earlier than your family and train. The time commitment is less. The know-how, well, talk to me or read my posts. You can figure it out. Or at the very least, just go on a long walk and get started already! And if you are in Madras, well, it is a no-brainer. Join The Quad!

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