Reduce Stress; Reduce Inches

I was listening to a podcast a few weeks by Gray Cook, and while he was talking about movement fundamentals and screens, one anecdote he mentioned bears repeating to my audience. A client of his had been working out for some time, but was not seeing any fat loss at all. After running him through a movement screen, they diagnosed a hip injury. It had been giving him some pain, but not necessarily only at the hip. After resolving the pain, with no other change at all, the client started to lose weight. Why? Because his cortisol started to regulate itself, rather than being perennially high due to chronic stress. Stress is a problem, and you need to know why. A few simple changes will impact your life significantly. Sometimes it is rather simple, sometimes it is not. But it is something you should pay more attention to. If you are interested in fat loss, reducing stress will help you in that process. Big time! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="436"] I love this graphic![/caption]

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