No More F's - Climbing Up The Fitness Ladder

All of us have some barometer against which we keep measuring up and competing, to get better. At school, we expect/hope to pass your subjects with an A+, get promoted to the next class, and so on and so forth. At work, likewise, we expect to get salary increases and get a promotion . In everything we do (even Snakes and Ladders!), we look forward to and expect positive progress. That's normal, I'd say. Instead, if all we had to look forward to every year was a demotion, would we look forward to the next day, let alone the next year? Wouldn't be much fun, would it! We thrive on challenges, on rewards (monetary or otherwise). Then why oh why doesn't the same thing apply to our health and fitness level? Coz that's what is happening, isn't it?! Every year, we are a little worse off than the previous year. And nope, don't mark it down as "getting old"! How about marking it down as "being lazy". You obviously know you are going to get fired if you slack at your job. But you consistently slack at taking care of yourself. And obviously, you are gonna get an F, and get demoted. So, what excuse do you have? Share it in the comments section. Just get it out of your system. I am hoping you realize that nothing trumps feeling healthier. And if you don't, I am betting it is because you've lost touch with that feeling. Regardless, let's get it back! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="504"] "You are demoted from First Tiger to Tiger Bulk Rate"[/caption] Like the post? Share it please.

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