With the year just starting and a whole lot of resolutions being adhered to, I want to remind folks of a simple truth. Not everything you read on the Internet (or on print media) is true. Let me rephrase that - most of it is bullshit. Fitness and nutrition are misunderstood, with archaic ideas still being propagated. And in many cases, it is just hearsay. [![Blind-leading-the-blind](,w_300/v1415173495/Blind-leading-the-blind_nxe4r3.jpg)]( Fitness and nutrition are serious topics with serious consequences. Make sure you investigate, and validate stuff and don’t simply try out the latest “cleanse diet” or “fat burner” or whatever, just coz your neighbour’s daughter’s friend in the US tried out something and “oh my gosh, lost a ton of weight!”. To recap. There’s no [magic pill]( There’s a lot of bullshit. Stick to basics - [eat real food](, sleep well, move everyday.
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