Honey. It's Sugar.

[caption id="attachment_1907" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Honey = Sugar Honey = Sugar[/caption] Honey. Is sugar. Agave. Is sugar. In fact, it is worse than common sugar, but let’s not get too technical now. Brown sugar. Is sugar. Palm sugar. Yep. The “sugar” in the name gives it away, doesn’t it? Jaggery. Yep, sugar. Maple syrup and all the other sweet syrupy stuff that you get with pancakes. You guessed right. Sugar Boxed fruit juice. Sugar. Stevia - sweet, and not sugar actually. In fact, it doesn’t contain calories or carbohydrates. Looks like nature might’ve found a solution for you. If anything comes close to a recommendation for a sweetener, it will be stevia. But let me warn you, it just isn’t the same.

Artificial Sweeteners

What about artificial sweeteners? They taste sweet, contain minimal or zero calories. I mean, if this guy says he gets his energy by adding sugar free, it must be awesome, right? Let me get this straight. There’s no calories in it. But it gives energy. Umm, anyone remember this > Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed.

Newton my man, you just got got! Sugar-free, be it Splenda or whatever, has all the bad effects of sugar, while not tasting quite the same. In fact, it confuses the heck out of your body. The body tastes sugar, but there’s no calories, and that affects the energy balance,  causing it to crave more calories. And it is not like it tastes any better. Do you like Diet Coke over Coke? No you dont. No one does. Not even the guy who came up with it. So, sugar free - worse than sugar. You can read more about it in the links at the bottom of this post. If there’s genuine interest, I can write a post about it here. But the summary of that post will be - artificial sweeteners are bad for you, your diabetic dad/mom/aunt/friend and everyone and anyone. This study elaborates on how the glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, in obese subjects, was reduced. This means the body has difficulty metabolizing glucose, and it will lead to larger health issues like blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes. That’s a bad thing, right! This famous study from Duke University talks about how artificial sweeteners screws up gut flora. That’s a very very bad thing. Pfft - that was on rats, you say? Well, we are the "rats" in the long-term experiment. And I don't see the world getting healthier. You can test it out and tell me in 20 years. And this site contains, well, the truth about splenda. ### And the moral of the story is

If it is sweet, it contains sugar. And sugar, however you like to spin it and in whatever concoction you have it in, is not good for you. I am not saying don’t eat any sugar, coz you aren’t gonna do that. All am saying is, don’t kid yourself saying “It’s not sugar. It’s honey.”. Coz it is sugar! And artificial sweeteners are worse! If you liked this article, or learned something good from it, do share and comment! Have a good one.

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