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It’s Go Time — Action Items for Fitness Results

Time to move things along. You want to get fit, lose a bunch of fat, improve strength and sta­mina and all that, right. Well, here are some imme­di­ate changes you can make!

  1. First up, you have checked in with a doctor/physio to iden­tify your prob­lem. If you have one.
  2. You’ve read the basic idea behind eat­ing well, right? If not, here it is. Eat real food, dont eat stuff that comes in a box. And use bet­ter oils like ghee, but­ter and coconut oil. And yes, eat the yolk!
  3. Cre­ate your nutri­tion whitelist, right now. This is a list and quan­tity of foods you will eat every­day. For exam­ple, 3 eggs, one scoop of whey in milk etc.
  4. Start imple­ment­ing the plate-inversion pro­to­col. “Oh gosh, but it is so silly” — just shut up and do it. Reduc­ing the amount of grains you eat is extremely impor­tant for your goals of get­ting fit­ter, and this is the best way for you to start.
  5. Remem­ber, there’s no time like the present. Sit down over the week­end, plan this out. You plan most things in advance, why not your health? When that office meet­ing drags on, and you just had to snack on the junk avail­able there — that can be pre­vented if you car­ried a small box of nuts with you, as an emer­gency snack. Think about sit­u­a­tions where you did stuff that you weren’t too happy about, and solve these already.
  6. Eat sugar once a week. Yes, that’s it. And you haven’t done much to earn it yet, have you? It is a gift, use it wisely. And if you don’t use it, you lose it.
  7. If you want to lose weight, you got to keep your stress under con­trol. You need to under­stand stress bet­ter for this first. Do read the arti­cle, get enough sleep and keep your stress lev­els low. High stress lev­els = no no.
  8. Clean up your pantry. If you have junk food, you will invari­ably eat it. So, pack all of it (yes, now!) and donate it. Out of sight, out of mind. Here’s some more quick and easy things you can try and imple­ment as well, while you are at it. Improve your sleep, lose fat faster — sim­ple stuff that you can implement.
  9. Based on what you can do, pick one of the following
    • Start walk­ing for an hour a day
    • Do sun salu­ta­tions for 30 min­utes every day.
    • You are a home­maker, and haven’t worked out in a while.
    • Or you are an over-worked office goer
    • If you think these are too lit­tle for you, think again. Start with some­thing man­age­able, and make it sustainable.
  10. The goal is the goal! Be very clear about it. When faced with an option, think — will this take you one step towards your goal, or one step away from it?

That’s that then. 10 points to pon­der, and I do want you to pon­der over them. Once again, you need to sit down and plan this well. And you need to have your sup­port sys­tem ready. Visu­al­ize your­self 6 months from now, say­ing “Damn, I really did it!”. Let’s go people!

  • Ramya

    Thats a good list!!

  • Sujatha

    Is whey a must for peo­ple who are just try­ing to loose weight. Is it only for athletes?

  • arv43

    Whey is a great sup­ple­ment for veg­e­tar­i­ans who dont have any other form of pro­tein. If you are eat­ing meat and eggs, you dont need whey. If you are not, whey is mighty use­ful, at least on days you workout.

  • arv43


  • han­nalo­grey

    OMG, I never thought that it is really pos­si­ble to loose weight within a year, I’ve been seri­ous about being a veg­e­tar­ian and not eat­ing too much. I’ve even read at that when we are try­ing to loose weight, our nutri­tional require­ments are not meant so what is your per­sonal technique?

  • arv43

    Eat­ing real food. Reduc­ing grains, junk. Upping nutrient-rich foods.