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Why Do We Fall?

Get­ting injured is not an abnor­mal con­cept. Sure, you can train smarter, have more con­trol and aware­ness of your body and reduce the chances of it hap­pen­ing. But a pos­si­bil­ity will remain. That’s how it is.

But what bog­gles the mind is that folks get injured and don’t pick them­selves up. No, it is absolutely not cool to let it stop you from who you were. If you were play­ing sport ear­lier, why is there a ques­tion about whether you can return to it? You absolutely can. But what hap­pens is most folks get put off by the tedious­ness of phys­io­ther­apy, if they get to that stage. Or find some equally con­vinc­ing excuse. And they roll back to a less intense lifestyle. C’mon, our prob­lem today is that we move too less. You were doing some­thing right, and are now going to let some­thing get in the way of that?! I am going to let Michael Caine take over.

And here’s the thing. Does it have to be an injury from which you have to recover? “I just let myself go” is fine too, and am sure a lot of us have done just that. Well, sim­i­lar advice. You got to pick your­self up, and get on with it. It is fine if you are injured, if you are embar­rassed about how you look today — you got to do some­thing about it to move away from this to a bet­ter place. It is going to be hard, and slow. But you have to do it. Coz you have to. Now that’s set­tled, get on with it.

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  • Sujatha

    I’ve noticed that I nor­mally fall when I am stressed or over­worked. I am tried, done have energy to exer­cise, look for com­fort food, and am lazy fix­ing myself some­thing nutri­tious. Then its a domino effect for the next day.. and finally when I do it too often, I just make excuses and give up. This time round– I have to add one more to my mile­stone — “How con­sis­tent I’ve been in the next 2 months”

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  • Sri­nath

    It may be more than just lazi­ness at get­ting back to a work­out. Some­times you just fear get­ting injured the same way again. After repeat­edly strain­ing the lower back while swing­ing, I’m now scared to swing ! Log­i­cally and ratio­nally, I know I’ve got to per­fect my swing tech­nique to beat this. But all of us are only par­tially ratio­nal. I think the key is beat­ing the fear of injury.

    Do peo­ple gen­er­ally have this fear of injury ? Or is it just me ?

  • arv43

    Great point and ques­tion. Fear of injury is one of the biggest fac­tors. Even today, I know am not 100% on the field because there’s some­thing hold­ing me back. This is some­thing I need to work on men­tally, not just phys­i­cally. It is not you — it hap­pens to everyone

  • Sasi

    A very good post. Much needed one for me.…training slow and smart.… YES. thanks.….….