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Your First Step: Admit It

Opin­ions are like ass­holes, every­body has one

Nutri­tion is a topic almost every­one has an opin­ion on, and unfor­tu­nately, they also con­fuse opin­ion with fact. Just because they put food into their mouth does not make them an expert. All of this means there’s a lot of infor­ma­tion and mis­in­for­ma­tion out there, just to con­fuse the hell out of you. Home reme­dies, cleans­ing diets, star­va­tion diets, anec­dotes, my uncle’s third cousin’s expe­ri­ence — there’s just a lot of stu­pid stuff float­ing around there.


How do you get through all the rub­bish and fig­ure out what is right and what is not? Ignore it and lis­ten to me. And what do I have to say?

Be truly hon­est to yourself

If you are bang­ing your head against a wall repeat­edly, your head is going to hurt. You could put a pil­low against the wall and bang your head there, or you could see a doc­tor, or you could take painkillers. Or you could sim­ply stop bang­ing your head against the wall.

Umm, what does that mean? Start by being hon­est. If you were hon­est with your­self, and I mean really hon­est, you will know quite a few things you are doing that are derail­ing your health and fit­ness. You won’t know every­thing, that’s for sure. But you don’t need to. Start by mak­ing a list, and chip away at it. I don’t expect you to flip a switch and stop all of it and all at once, unless that’s the kinda thing that works for you.

For exam­ple, if you are eat­ing 4 pooris for break­fast, mak­ing that 2 pooris and 2 idlis is an improve­ment — you don’t need to make eat­ing a 4-egg omelet as step 1. Your list could be stuff like

  • 4 pooris for breakfast
  • sleep­ing 4 hours every night
  • drink­ing every day
  • a sugar hit daily, pos­si­bly mul­ti­ple times


Oh, and if you are hon­est and com­mit­ted, and still not see­ing results, it is sim­ply a tech­ni­cal­ity that can be fixed by an expert.

As a bonus, am gonna give you three sim­ple rules to use

  1. if it is adver­tised on TV, it is bad for you
  2. if it sounds too good to be true, it prob­a­bly is b*s*
  3. if it comes in a box, don’t eat it

And yeah, I was seri­ous. Your first step in get­ting fit should be to make that list. Right now is gen­er­ally a good time.

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  • Arthi Ramesh

    Great idea and it will work. It did for me.

  • bene­dictg

    Do we say that unde­sir­able food, often times, acti­vates the gut and makes it take deci­sions… while the oth­ers work through your mind?

  • arv43

    Hi Bene­dict,
    I don’t think I fol­low. It is true that there is a con­nec­tion between the gut and the brain but more auto­nomic than con­trolled. And there’s more sig­nal pro­cess­ing going on in your gut than in the brain.

  • Ramya

    good point coach!