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Honey. It’s Sugar.

Honey = Sugar

Honey = Sugar

Honey. Is sugar.

Agave. Is sugar. In fact, it is worse than com­mon sugar, but let’s not get too tech­ni­cal now.

Brown sugar. Is sugar.

Palm sugar. Yep. The “sugar” in the name gives it away, doesn’t it?

Jag­gery. Yep, sugar.

Maple syrup and all the other sweet syrupy stuff that you get with pan­cakes. You guessed right. Sugar

Boxed fruit juice. Sugar.

Ste­via — sweet, and not sugar actu­ally. In fact, it doesn’t con­tain calo­ries or car­bo­hy­drates. Looks like nature might’ve found a solu­tion for you. If any­thing comes close to a rec­om­men­da­tion for a sweet­ener, it will be ste­via. But let me warn you, it just isn’t the same.

Arti­fi­cial Sweeteners

What about arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers? They taste sweet, con­tain min­i­mal or zero calo­ries. I mean, if this guy says he gets his energy by adding sugar free, it must be awe­some, right?

Let me get this straight. There’s no calo­ries in it. But it gives energy. Umm, any­one remem­ber this

Energy can nei­ther be cre­ated nor destroyed. It can only be transformed.

New­ton my man, you just got got!

Sugar-free, be it Splenda or what­ever, has all the bad effects of sugar, while not tast­ing quite the same. In fact, it con­fuses the heck out of your body. The body tastes sugar, but there’s no calo­ries, and that affects the energy balance,  causing it to crave more calories.

And it is not like it tastes any bet­ter. Do you like Diet Coke over Coke? No you dont. No one does. Not even the guy who came up with it. So, sugar free — worse than sugar. You can read more about it in the links at the bot­tom of this post. If there’s gen­uine inter­est, I can write a post about it here. But the sum­mary of that post will be — arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers are bad for you, your dia­betic dad/mom/aunt/friend and every­one and anyone.

This study elab­o­rates on how the glu­cose tol­er­ance and insulin sen­si­tiv­ity, in obese sub­jects, was reduced. This means the body has dif­fi­culty metab­o­liz­ing glu­cose, and it will lead to larger health issues like blood pres­sure, heart dis­ease, obe­sity, dia­betes. That’s a bad thing, right!

This famous study from Duke Uni­ver­sity talks about how arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers screws up gut flora. That’s a very very bad thing. Pfft — that was on rats, you say? Well, we are the “rats” in the long-term exper­i­ment. And I don’t see the world get­ting health­ier. You can test it out and tell me in 20 years.

And this site con­tains, well, the truth about splenda.

And the moral of the story is

If it is sweet, it con­tains sugar. And sugar, how­ever you like to spin it and in what­ever con­coc­tion you have it in, is not good for you. I am not say­ing don’t eat any sugar, coz you aren’t gonna do that. All am say­ing is, don’t kid your­self say­ing “It’s not sugar. It’s honey.”. Coz it is sugar!

And arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers are worse!

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  • GMOfreeGuy

    Arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers are such a bad thing.. Stay away from them.

    Aspar­tame: By Far the Most Dan­ger­ous Sub­stance Added to Most Foods Today”

  • GMOfreeGuy

    Aspar­tame is the main ingre­di­ent in most Indian Sugar-free products!

  • GMOfreeGuy

    But.. not able to under­stand what the fol­low­ing sweet­ener is? Any clarifications?

  • Sar­a­vananJ

    1. Is raw sugar bet­ter than white sugar?

    2. Is Jag­gery bet­ter than white sugar? Jag­gery is rel­a­tively less processed com­pared to white sugar.

  • Adhok­shaj

    Hello Arvind,
    I’m really keen to know what I’ll effects a sweet­ener (even Sucralose) has in body.
    I end up a lot of it in the form of whey pro­tein.
    If it’s bad, how bad? Does it have any side effect but for induc­ing sugar cravings?

  • Har­i­ha­ran VK

    Nice one arvind . i was totally assum­ing honey is not sugar , it could be con­sumed reg­u­larly , also have heard peo­ple say warm water and honey daily morn­ing helps you lose weight ? … i know sounds lazy and tooo easy but any com­m­ments on that ?

  • arv43

    Hey Har­i­ha­ran,
    Yeah, it is some­thing folks do all the time, but has no sci­ence behind it.

  • arv43

    Great ques­tion. Sweet­en­ers have a bad effect on the body, and the only excep­tion I would agree to is whey. Pro­tein is impor­tant, espe­cially if you are veg­e­tar­ian, and whey’s ben­e­fits will out­weigh the dis­ad­van­tages of arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers. that said, there are a cou­ple of options — Opti­mum Nutri­tion “Nat­ural” which has sugar added and not sweet­en­ers, and there are no sugar or sweet­ener added whey prod­ucts as well.

    How bad — worse than sugar. And yes, it induces sugar cravings.

  • arv43

    Mar­gin­ally, but all of them are sugar.

  • arv43

    I cant find too much, but I think this is lev­u­lose. This is the new thing that is being pushed. I need to do more research on this. def­i­nitely a post in the near future. Thanks for bring­ing this up!

  • Sar­a­vananJ


  • bene­dictg

    It is said that the sweet­ness of the sugar lies in the inter­ac­tion the taster has with it. Of course we can inter­act with non sugar stuff and get the sweet out of it

  • arv43

    Absolutely. In fact, you stay away from sugar for 30 days or so, and you will be able to taste so many things bet­ter — cof­fee, macadamia nuts, straw­berry espe­cially come to mind