My name is Arvind, and I am one of the founders of The Quad.

Back in 2011, we started out with about 100 adventurous folks. Kettlebells were relatively unknown and strength training was not a concept that was big in India, or in Madras (where we are based physically).

Here’s my story

  • I was skinny and weak as a kid. I loved to play sport, was decent at it. But strength and endurance were not things I had.
  • Then I went to college and got grossly out of shape.
  • After college, joined a regular commercial gym with fancy machines and a diet to boot. Diligent and at least 80% compliance on both for a year resulted in absolutely nothing except a good-natured insult from my doctor.
  • Then I went to grad school in Indiana (Go Hoosiers!).
  • Moved to NorCal, and with nothing much to do, started with yoga.
  • Then I stumbled on to running, with Team Asha. And went from being unable to run 500 metres to running a half-marathon at a 10-minute mile pace.
  • Moved to San Francisco, and discovered CrossFit. Embarrassed myself at the first place, and then went to Kelly Starrett’s SFCF. Went from literally being the last in class to the middle. One of the best experiences of my life - truly life-changing. That’s where I fell in love with fitness.
  • Spent the next few years researching, experimenting, playing, and just deep-diving into fitness and nutrition.
  • Discovered strength training along the way. Found fitness and nutrition were not as convoluted as it was being made out to be, and I shared my minimal knowledge with friends and saw that they saw huge changes.
  • Met Raj, my co-founder at The Quad.
  • Took the plunge to relocate from San Francisco to Madras, and founded The Quad.
  • 2011-now, and 1000s of students later, here I am.