Sometimes What Heart Know, Head Forget

-- Mr Miyagi from The Karate Kid

This week, I had a bunch of choices of quotes from Mr Miyagi, thanks to a friend. I felt this quote was an extension of what I wrote on Wednesday.

The 3 tips, especially breathing through the nose and running light are things that your body already knows and wants to do, you just need to let it. As you keep running lighter and lighter, everything just improves. This is not something to be solved by poring our head over technique but letting it go based on feel.

The heart knows. The body knows. Keep the mind out of it.

Often, it's not how fast it travels but how soon it gets there that counts

-- Bruce Lee

It is not about speed only. Timing matters.

Though it feels malevolent, Resistance in fact operates with the indifference of rain and transits the heavens by the same laws as the start. When we marshal our forces to combat Resistance, we must remember this.

-- Steven Pressfield

This is more of a note-to-self. The past week has been rather difficult, work-wise. I've not been able to sink my teeth in and be as productive as I'd liked.

Sometimes, it is important to batter on ahead. Sometimes, what works is just taking some time off. The only hard part is knowing what to do when.

Apparently, the heart knows.

As always, send across any quote that hits you in the right places.