When we are starting off, this is the constant question. Am I doing this right? Whatever this is. It could be a new fitness routine, or a diet, or a new move you've learned, or anything else (after all, there exists a universe outside of this fitness thing, right!).

Am I doing this right?

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Well, most probably not. But it's okay. As long as you are not hurting yourself i.e. putting yourself in pain physically, it is fine. And as long as you are not doing any permanent and/or long-term damage, it's okay. It is part of the learning curve.

When we are starting off, we are obviously low in skill. And what's the best way to get better at the skill - to keep practising.

I was having a conversation with a student of mine. She's taking some time off from lifting weights and has been spending time doing meditation and breathing drills, which has been a long-standing practice of hers. I recently started working on pranayama, and I was telling her

.. has been interesting but I am such a beginner and so distracted

And in my head, that means doing it wrong.

Her sage advice was

Start small. The important thing is to do it everyday. Even if it is just 10 minutes daily

Sounds familiar.

It was great to hear the same refreshing fundamentals that I tell to my students, and that clarified my moment of doubt.

She immediately laughed about the fact that she was advising me about these things but just because one's an expert does not mean one does not need to hear these things.

Learning to Play Piano
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We all have doubts. We all have questions. The simplest way to figure it out is by following that piece of advice, and exploring the limits of our skill daily, even if it is for just 5-10 minutes a day.

Soon enough, you will know to answer your own questions. Especially, the one about doing it right.

Keep practicing!