Sometimes, we set way too many expectations. Sometimes, we try too hard. After having not done anything consistently in the realm of fitness, while working 10-12 hour days, spending time with the family and friends, we still want to lose 10 kilos. ASAP!

9 times out of 10, you don't go to the gym. You don't do much about your nutrition. You don't get those results. You fail. You get angry with yourself or the gym. Or both. And you give up.

You set yourself up for failure from the start.

I am not telling you to aim lower. I am telling you to look at it from a completely different perspective.

Finding an hour to go to the gym is difficult. And a chore. And a means to an end. Well, re-think that.

Instead, it is the one hour where you can

  • Work out your stress. Just sweat it out. Work it out. Release the tension and the stress.
  • Find peace and quiet. Away from work. Away from chores. Away from your task lists.
  • Recuperate. Rejuvenate. Recalibrate. Use that time.
  • Meditate. It doesn't mean sitting in a corner and staring at the wall. It can be anything you want where your mind is not chattering.

Find your "me" time. That one hour away from the rest of the day will give you the distance you need. In the short term, it will give you the breather to tackle the day. In the long term, it will give you perspective.

And soon enough, you'll find that you are a fitness guy too. Instead of going to the gym to get results, you go to the gym coz you enjoy it.

Find your me-time. Find it at the gym. Find it while running. Find it in a group. Find it by yourself.

It is a paradigm shift when you do.