What percentage of thoughts are your own?

What percentage of ideas are truly yours?

We write things that seem to be our ideas but are influenced by what we've read, and what we've experienced, and are processed in our subconscious in their own way.

We generate ideas that are built on gaps or holes as we see them from our lens.

There's nothing wrong with being inspired by someone else's idea. In fact, it happens all the time, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Understanding why the idea feels important to you though is something you can look deeper into, as part of exploring the idea.

What's your favourite movie?

Have you ever wondered why that is your favourite movie? The rabbit hole and profundity of this question were truly fascinating for me.

Two pieces of media that I'd like to share with you.

First, Derek Sivers on the first follower. You can read the short article or see his 3-minute video.

It was the first follower that transformed a lone nut into a leader.

And listen to Oliver Burkeman on the joys of missing out.

By embracing the joy of missing out, you can start to devote your precious time to the things that really matter to you, no matter how long they take.