Our dog is pretty darn athletic. She's a mutt of some kind. And she has very few modes in her.

When it is time to chill, she's chilling. She chills a lot. She has 17 different spots with various levels of firmness and softness of surface to chill and lounge, based on her mood.

When it is time to play, she's nuts. She is on fire. She sprints and jumps and dashes all over the place, occasionally nipping at our ankles. When she plays with her friends too, the same. Ballistic. And then a brief 10-second breather, and then back at it again. Perfect high-intensity intervals.

Leela in lounge spot #6

When it is time to eat, there are no other thoughts in her head. She gets her chow done and immediately finds a comfortable spot to lounge and chill and keep an eye on us.

And when she wants to be petted, oh boy, is she stubborn and cute!

Dogs live in the moment.

When you are at the gym, lift heavy. And focus on your lifts.

When you are eating, focus on chewing, and eating slowly.

When you are sleeping, put away the darn devices and shut up and sleep.

Keep your mind on the thing you are doing. It is that simple.

I struggle with this. When I am watching a game, I am also pretending to be the coach. When I am training, I am also the world's greatest critic. But when I catch myself and chant my magic words and shut up and focus, the experience is completely changed.

Do it! You know I am right.