Drinking hot water along with ginger and lemon and honey. I am sure you have a bunch of people in your close circle who swear by it. Is there any magic to it? Or is this routine nonsense? If you look hard enough on the Internet, you can find theories to support anything you'd like. That's not what I am asking for.

On the surface level, c'mon!?!? It is hot water and some grated ginger and lemon. And honey, which is sugar. Can this do something to your innards and help burn your fat? Common sense says not.

But does that matter? Not at all.

Lemon, Lime, Water, Palm Leaf, Rosemary
Photo by Mariah Hewines / Unsplash

For some, it is a ritual. It is a daily reminder that they are focusing on their health. Starting the day off with this is a great way to check-in with their mind and body.

For some, this might be ALL that they do towards health and fitness. Well, in that case, not much is gonna happen. Because if you don't eat your veggies and go for your walk and all that, nothing's gonna happen. Even magic needs a little bit of help.

And hey, who knows! Maybe in a few years, scientists will find out that ginger and lemon and honey and hot water combine to do some fat burning and we cannot see the mechanism yet. Or not.

It doesn't matter. If it is a ritual that works for you, that's great. You do your thing!