Last week, I wrote about how we think and frame things.

If we think of eating a salad as "I need to eat healthy so I can eat ice-cream later" or we think of going to the gym as "this sucks but I have to do it because I am ...", then the mindset is flawed. And sooner or later, your endeavour is going to fail. This is why a shiny object is better, as it will at least get you doing something fun and enjoyable.

The burn that we get when we workout, we like that feeling. We enjoy that feeling. We look forward to that feeling. So, we do chase that burn.

Even though that burn is not really a pleasant feeling.

Bodybuilder and online coach @Crowtersix working out at a gym!

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Photo by Anastase Maragos / Unsplash

When we decide to go #sugarfree, the first evening, we have strong cravings. Even though we've had all the sugar we've wanted to eat, and it has just been <24 hours since we started doing this, we have cravings. And these cravings feel annoying. They feel awful. They take over your head. And most times, we give in. Or it seems to take an inordinate amount of willpower to even just get through.

what if ...

What if we could reframe that craving, just like we've reframed that burn?

The burn tells you that you are doing work! So, we push through and in fact, we look to re-create that feeling every time when we workout.

Same deal - cravings tell you that you are doing work (on the nutrition front). The more the cravings, the better the work you are doing.

Counterintuitive, sure. Illogical, sure. Zero science, yep. So what.