You lost 15 kilos.

You fit into your college pants after decades.

You are back to playing sport after years and years.

You look good. You feel outstanding.

And yet, if you don't look at your progress and your journey, you will be unhappy.

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Photo by David Gavi / Unsplash

If you keep yearning for a future place with a ripped body and 6-pack abs or a 10k in 45 minutes or whatever arbitrary and extreme goal you have in mind, you will miss out on all the glorious work you've done, on the amazing progress you've seen, on the transformation of identity that you are capable of, on the enjoyment of the process.

Open your eyes. See all the things you've achieved and not the (maybe unrealistic, maybe requires a lot more time/effort) arbitrary goal you've set for yourself.

Happiness is a choice.

See the progress you've made.

Halfway up a mountain is still halfway up a mountain.