You need goals. You need a point B. You need to know when you've arrived.

Most of you start with a goal in mind. It is dependent on where we are currently. The "I want to not be here" clarity leads to action towards point B.

A lot of you fail in getting to point B. This happens due to poor methods, poor coaching, poor goal setting, amongst many reasons.

But what about those of you who get to point B? You celebrate. Deservedly. You take a few photos - you couldn't fit into your favourite pants before and you slide into them after. Or you were this strong before and you are so much stronger after.

Definitely a huge milestone moment.

Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

But unless you wake up the next day and plot your next target, you are doomed. Because what you should truly be measuring is not the crazy motivated 8 weeks of effort, with the brilliant results. But what happens 2 months after that? What happens 6 months after that?

If you are not able to keep off the darned weight, if you lose all the strength you worked hard for, if you are back to square one ... what a waste!

To heck with before-afters as the only thing you think about. Stop with the endless cycle. Stop with the comfort zone of diets - whether you do well or you fail.

Set a higher standard. Have a longer outlook in mind.

iPhone 12 Calendar Part 5.
Photo by Behnam Norouzi / Unsplash

Instead of just before-after, this subtle change will catapult your fitness journey. Measure the after-after - the 2-months-after and 6-months-after.

Your goal can simply be maintenance. Which is anything but simple.