There are people who drink massive amounts of alcohol and smoke cigarettes daily and live to be 100. But most people who tend to that kind of behaviour do not.

There are people who seem to eat whatever they want and never seem to put on weight. But most people tend to put on a lot of weight, develop metabolic disorders and have a difficult time losing weight.

There are people who never seem to study but ace exams.

The world is full of exceptions, it feels like. Most things though, tend to follow the norm. Well, at least in health and fitness.

Eat well, stay active, get enough sleep, maintain good relationships - you have all the ingredients for a happy life.

Stop trying to find loopholes and workarounds and hacks. It pays to be off the beaten path, to forge your own way, to carve your own whatever and all that.

To take care of your health, do sensible and obvious things. It is that simple.

Note: I am going to take a writing break. I’ll be back on Oct 6, Wednesday.