Adaptation breeds boredom

You have a house with a view. But the view gets boring in a month. You have a new phone and the novelty wears off real quick.

You are married to the partner of your dreams. But with your work schedule and the kids and the chores, you forget. You forget the first time you saw them, the frisson of that first kiss, that first meal together. The first "every thing."

Cutting off from the world

A sugar reset helps you not only with fat loss but in the removal of the numbness of the various tastes. When you eat sugar daily, it is no longer special.

This applies especially so in the deeper things in life - the relationships, the passions, the purpose and the meaning of life itself.

Deprivation helps in the removal of the cataract that we all have.

But how workable is that to do?

This adaption affects all material things. And all lifestyle things.

There are 2 options. One is to keep accumulating new experiences. There are infinite options out there. This intuitively sounds silly. If you got bored with the first 20, the next 200 will lead to the same end.

The second is to recognise what you have with fresh eyes. To reset. To look with renewed eyes. To clean the lens. To clear the fog that has settled.

Because you have a lot. You have achieved a lot. You have come a long way. But because you are looking at the future, you don't see it. Because you are looking at everyone's bullshit on social media, at other people's highlights, you get misled.

Shut them out. Being self-centred will aid you.


To be in the present, to be in the now.

Not only is it simpler to “refresh and reset” and look at what you have, but it is also THE healthier way to live.

It is a given you are going to be bored with any new experience. Stop obsessing over it. For true happiness and joy and fullness of life, you need to have a better system for cleaning your lens and looking around you. And seeing yourself and your surroundings.

Applying this in the daily life

As with everything, this is a practice. you’ll not perfect it, or well, at least, perfection seems a far cry. But so what?

The first step is to be aware. Are you in agreement with this phenomenon? Let's investigate.

Are you happy with your current body?

Is it better than yesterday or last year? Are you beating yourself up for finding fitness late? Do you look and feel better today than you did last year? Or from college?

For example, I used to beat myself up about how I wasted my prime years not working on fitness. I would wonder how much stronger or fitter I would be if I had not let myself go. This meant I did not acknowledge how awesome I felt today. How strong I feel, physically and mentally. How my self-empowerment journey has been, and what a long way I have come by taking an unknown process into my own hands.

If I cannot be happy with what I have done, what will a random number on the weighing scale or a low body fat percentage do magically? Nothing at all.

Not happy with how much money you are making?

How much were you making 10 or 20 years ago?

You have inflated your expenses. You are looking at what everyone around you is doing and aping that shit - a bigger house, a bigger car, fancier labels and bullshit. And your spending matches your earnings. But your happiness hasn’t changed much. Why? Because scratching that itch is not possible, as adaptation sets in. You are not chasing your dreams but what you think you should be running towards.

The person who has the balls to recognise that the emperor is not wearing any clothes - that’s a smart and happy  person.

To get there, we need to stop being the reflection of everyone around us. And to take stock of where we are, and what we have. And ask ourselves a question - if I went back 10/20 years ago and said I have achieved x and y and z - how would I feel? In all probability, you'd be elated. Then, why aren't you?!?!!?

Clean your lens. Clear the cataract. Look at what you have and recognise the awesome.

Remember, adaptation breeds boredom. Use that to your advantage and stop chasing silly shit. And learn that you need to reset regularly and look at the larger things and reset the bad of the adaptation mechanism.

This seems the sensible method. And honestly, the only way to live the good life.