What is the magic ingredient to get us towards our goals?

In the process of this picture I accidentally fumigated my whole bedroom. Next time I should definitely do this outside...
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For our strength and conditioning goals, finding a knowledgeable coach is paramount.

For our fat loss and health goals, finding a diet that is based around real food and sustainable, sensible eating is the key. A nutrition coach can help but for most of us, we just need to eat like an adult.

For a work goal, finding a system for productivity, or having a good working environment, or a great team to be part of. It could be a combination of all of these.

And yes, there's so much more. It depends on the situation and the context.

But even with the best resources or solutions, without the real magic ingredient, success will always be elusive.

What is this magic?

Pointing As You
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You are the magic ingredient. You are the secret sauce. In your life, for your goals, for your success, it all comes down to you.

Until we are ready to take the onus on ourselves, nothing will come by.

Believe. Show up. Do. Fail. Get back up. Keep going.