What is the secret?

It does not matter if you haven't exercised in decades.

It doesn't matter if you are carrying a lot of weight.

It doesn't matter if it seems impossible.

It doesn't matter if everyone else is fitter than you.

The only thing you need is intent.

If you have the intent to do this, you will get there. It is that simple.

When do you need it by?

For you to have a deep intent, you need to have a WHY.

Do you have one? Do you know yours?

You don't need it at the start, although it helps.


You definitely need to find it before the honeymoon phase is over.

When you find start seeing results, the snowball starts to get bigger and bigger. But trust me, results dry up. Especially at the pace you want them. When that happens, you lose motivation and stop. To not allow that to happen, you need to find your reason before.

Here's a video we shared with our student community on the importance of plateaus.

Courtesy: The Quad

Plateaus are inevitable. They are part and parcel of your fitness journey. But because we don't expect them, because we lack intent, we get disillusioned. That doesn't happen if you have the intent.

Your new mindset

Once you have the intent, the deeper purpose, the drive in you that simply will not go away, everything becomes simple.

Not easy.

But definitely simple.

Consistency is no longer eluding you. You miss a day, it doesn't matter. Because you know you will make it tomorrow. Or later this evening. You miss a week because of a crazy spell at work - no problem. You still stretch in the evenings to wind down and you get back to routine next week.

You have the longer term view. You know slow and steady wins the race.

With intent, your mindset shifts.


You will become fit.

What does that mean - you tell me. You write down where you want to be at. That's the destination. Physically, write it down on a piece of paper.

In fact, have it written and framed. Use it.

So, you will know when you get there.

Also, estimate the time to get there. Ask an expert to guide you on this.

As long as you have your intent, and your reason, there will be no stopping you.

And once you get there, celebrate. And write out a new destination. Immediately!