Why do you weigh yourself after a night of having pizza and beer?

Why do you feel disappointed if your weight is higher than yesterday?

Why does that make the memory of the fun you had last night worse?

Why do you choose to keep dieting when you know it doesn't work or make you feel good?

Why do you not take the time to understand what you need to do?

Why do you persist in trying to make something out of you so other people will like you more?

Why do you think you being fit/thin/skinny/strong/whatever will make you look better in someone else's eyes?

Why do you want to be friends with that person?

Why aren't you being your best friend?

Why aren't you more accepting of what you are?

And if you don't, how will it matter if others are or aren't?

I am not trying to be profound or whatever. I am simply amazed at how we sabotage ourselves by being unsure of what we want, what to do, and maybe just asking ourselves more questions will help us.