The mantra at The Quad is "Show up!"

Our students know this to be true. They show up, and the community, the programming, the coaches, the environment, the energy - it will carry them.

When you have the energy, you contribute to carrying others, whether you know it or not. And when you are feeling down, the class carries you.

Photo courtesy: The Quad and Rahul Sadagopan

That's why I love large group classes, and am immensely proud of the atmosphere you can get in a Quad class.

You never know what the person next to you is going through.

You never know if the student in front of you who is struggling to do goblet squats today (when they normally lift 3 times that) just heard terrible news the previous night. But they showed up, coz showing up helps.

You never know if the person in front of you spent all week at the hospital, taking care of their ailing parent. But they showed up. Because this is their "me" time. This is where they can switch off for a brief hour.

What I've learned over the past 10 years works well as a good rule for life. Be supportive, and let them guide you. Forcing heavy weights unequivocally is a terrible idea. And some days, you have to save them from themselves, and make them go light.

Their job is to show up. My job is to take care of them.

Coz you never know what they are going through.