Momentum is a double-edged sword. It can propel you to new heights or keep you locked into previous choices and old habits.

- James Clear

What I've realised with this is to get the direction right. Many times, that's not possible. So, the idea is to try something and be ready to fail without it affecting things too much and try the next thing out.

When clarity strikes and direction is clear, things are simple.

The chief enemy of good decisions is a lack of sufficient perspectives on a problem.

- Alain De Botton

More research. More first principles thinking. More mental models.

And talk to more people.

To worry about the meaning of life is to confuse a psychological problem with a philosophical one

- Sam Harris

I might be getting this quote wrong as I heard it rather briefly and couldn't write down my notes fast enough. But I hope it conveys what he's trying to say i.e. this quest for meaning is a psychological nagging that we seem to have.

Tangential to this is a thought that appeared to me - there are lichen living peacefully for hundreds of years. They've not damaged the environment and have contributed positively to the glory of life. The human race has destroyed a significant amount of things in that duration. Just coz we can think in a different dimension, does it make it worth it?

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