Whenever I go on vacation, either a real one where I actually go somewhere or just a vacation for my tummy, it almost always involves alcohol and chocolates (lots of it).

I love chocolates. Drinking is fun when it is not the focus, and the conversations and silliness is. But chocolates vs alcohol - it is a no-brainer. Chocolates for me, any day.

It was our friend’s birthday, and we celebrated with a few bottles of wine from Longshadow Ranch in Temecula, CA.
Photo by Kelsey Knight / Unsplash

When I need to tighten things up in the eating department, I start with my strengths. The things that I can give up easily. And the first thing always is alcohol. Seriously. It is easy for me as I don't really drink that much. Never have. Never had a fascination for it. I call it a strength because it is my strong suit - it is something I can do without losing my mind.

But the real difference maker is when I work on my weakness - chocolate. It is hard. I loathe it when I have to do it. It is necessary though. Am not 15 years old to keep eating chocolates whenever I feel like.

Starting with my strengths gives me the momentum and positive reinforcement about the whole "Let's clean up the eating department" project. And once I have a wee bit of this easy momentum going, I start working on my weakness.

Photo by Charisse Kenion / Unsplash

This is my simple protocol to get going when I go from a "reasonable" or "vacation" mode to being stricter. I think this is a useful strategy for most of us when we want to tighten things up.

You just need to figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

Now, where's that chocolate at?!