Think about how we learned to talk. We learned to make sounds. We learned the A-B-C. We learned words. We heard a lot of people say stuff. We made sentences. We made a lot of mistakes. And we learned to talk, eventually.

It goes from simple to complex. We learned to run - it started when we were babies with head nods, rolling around, crawling, walking and eventually to running.

Photo by Nikhita S / Unsplash

The shortest path to learning a new skill is to go from simple to complex, preferably taught in a systematic way. That's what schools try to do, in an average sort of fashion.

I've seen people pick up new skills, like cooking or photography. Those who got good did it progressively. Those who gave up got bored of the effort and/or did not go about it in a structured fashion. I picked up strength training and it grew into something I couldn't have imagined, only after I found a system.

I've also realised I've given up on a new skill when things do not go well, and looking back, most times I just tried to plunge right in with a complete disregard to any semblance of a structured education. Funnily, running and CrossFit, two of the biggest stops on my way to strength training were me plunging right in. And I realise how lucky I got.

It is for you

Learning to take a good photo can be just for ourselves. We learned to capture moments in our life better, we learned basics of constructing a good photograph. And well, a cool photo is still a cool photo.

Like that, your fitness is for you. I think it works best when you find something that resonates with you - I'll explain later why strength training is probably the best long-term option.

It is worth the effort - it will positively affect other parts of your life. And good things happen. It takes time, effort, patience, mental buy-in, mental commitment, motivation and what not. You have to stay focused to learn and play and practice. And find the right environment/teacher for it. And practice.

And stop

And stop when you are reasonably good. Get reasonably strong and, it goes without saying but I need to, reasonably mobile. It is the equivalent of taking reasonably good photographs. Or having a conversation with a native speaker of the language you are learning. Good enough is, most often, good enough.

I know picking up strength training is possible because I did it. I meandered my way to strength training via yoga, running, and CrossFit - those were the BEST! And I eventually got to strength training when I found Mark Rippetoe and Dan John and Pavel and Mike Boyle. The point is it is doable.

You can meander and get there. Just make sure you eventually there.

I will share my knowledge and half-baked ideas around it here. I hope it helps!

And in case you missed it, strength training!