Unfortunately, a common story I hear from people who want to get started in fitness is that they are scared to start. I've heard this from friends and students whose family members are inspired by but unable to make the leap. I've even heard this from old students of mine - people take a break but have let themselves go (their words) and are scared to come back.

3, 2, 1, and go
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You are scared because it is out of your comfort zone.

You are scared because you are not sure if you picked the right answer.

You are worried if you are gonna make a fool out of yourself.

You are concerned that you might get hurt.

You are unsure if what you are doing is good for you.

You are a bit embarrassed at your current level of fitness and don't want to be judged.

You are concerned if you will be able to keep it up.

Let me remind you of a couple of things. Most of the people you see who have effected a change almost always hit rock bottom.

The best thing about rock bottom is the rock part. You discover the solid bit of you. That bit that can't be broken down further. The thing that you might sentimentally call a soul. At our lowest we find the solid ground of our foundation. And we can build ourselves anew.

And here's another quote from a different context, from Anthony de Mello.

As you begin to observe yourself, to watch yourself, to pick up those negative feelings, you'll find your own way of explaining it. And you'll notice the change. But then you'll have to deal with the big villain, and that villain in self-condemnation, self-hatred, self-dissatisfaction.

Do you find yourself scared to start? It is okay. You are most definitely not alone. I recall the absolute cluelessness I was faced with for an entire year, as I searched for what to do. As I kept trying to do things.

We all have fears. Darkness, death, automatic flushing. These fears make up who we are. We should embrace them. Face them head on. Don’t let them define you.
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What I'd suggest are three things:

  1. Write down what is troubling you. Write down your fear(s). When you put it down, it becomes less of a scary demon.
  2. Write down a goal. If it is outrageous, break it down a bit more.
  3. Start doing something. Minimal equipment, minimal investment, and fits into your logistics. Just start.

Once you start walking the path (start doing something) towards a particular direction (your goal) things get simpler. Along the way, you can make adjustments.

Being scared is fine. Being scared into inactivity is not. You can do this!