What are you waiting for to do that thing you wanna do?

It keeps coming up but you keep finding excuses not to do it. You keep shoving it away. It comes along with a slightly queasy feeling in the belly. And you push it away some more. Coz it is not practical, you say. You have too much work. You have responsibilities.


But if it is not going away, there is something to it. It connects with you at a deeper level that you are not willing to dig, understand or acknowledge.

It could be something simple. For example, I've been wanting to explore eating my dinner before 7 pm i.e. at least 3 hours before bed. But I've not done it in so many years. I was chatting with an alternative medicine practitioner and they suggested this as part of our conversation. Well, apparently, I needed their permission to finally get around to doing this.

How silly is that?!

So, your turn. What is that thing you keep shoving away? And whose permission do you need?

Only yours. But if, like me, you want a random person to give you permission - well, here you go ;)