I used to think play meant only playing sports or video games. A few years ago, I unfortunately, stopped doing both. And it definitely brought about more grumpiness in my life. Then, I realised that I could play with a variety of activities. What was essential were finding an enjoyable activity, discovery, learning, fun, community (occasionally) and improving in skill without making that the focus.

Having enough play in my life is mandatory. And learning to think about it differently has opened up a lot more.

No one can show you how to do it, because he would be giving you a technique, he would be programming you. But watch yourself. When you talk to someone, are you aware of it or are you simply identifying with it? When you got angry with somebody, were you aware that you were angry or were you simply identifying with your anger?

– Anthony de Mello

Reality is apparent when one ceases to compare.
There is "what is" only when there is no comparison at all,
and to live with what is,
is to be peaceful.

– Bruce Lee

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