For me, at least, there's a few games that do not work. Playing the game according to the rules set is necessary and important in sports and games. We are not barbarians to play cricket without a properly adapted set of rules for our gully version.

Goblet Squat - do it every day

Instagram does not work for me. There's two big numbers - number of people following what you have to say, and number of people liking the stuff you put out there. Sure, there's more subtleties but it comes down to this. When there are points and numbers, that's all we look at.

It certainly does in some places at certain times - the Daily9 FLC is one. The point is not to sleep to score a point - the point is to sleep. But that's a game that works. For the short-term at least. It is on you to build on it. And of course, it does not work for everyone.

Likewise, I am better off focusing on what I want to do - talking about strength training and moving towards a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and the stories and the specifics of it. If I connect to a few of you and it helps you provide a perspective, or sometimes it is a simple "Do this!", I think that's pretty frickin' great. Once I realised I was playing the game wrong for myself, I was able to start writing - and not worrying about # of reads and likes and all that stuff. It feels liberating.

I guess now I can generalise for the world from this drastic reveal and create a proverb. But seriously, that was (one of) my Resistance.

Sometimes, play the game by your own rules

Know when things are not working and change the approach - finally I got around to this. Writing here works a lot better for me and I am having fun. I don't get Instagram, to be honest. It is not a format that works for me. Writing ideas and stories to sell (sell does not have to be a bad word, I tell myself) strength training and healthy lifestyle over here feels good. To top it off, a few of you write to me and share your stories, which makes it a much richer experience.

Not all stories of mine will resonate with you but some will, and if I can be part of that moment, that's a number I'll keep track of. That's a joke. Get it? Coz am talking about not counting and no numbers. Well, I laughed!

Strength training is another place that chasing numbers works. And sometimes does not. We need to measure and track - that's vital. For those of us who are not athletes or elite but just want more out of life, there's a place called Strong Enough. We don't need to chase more. That's another post for another time.

Strong Enough is Strong Enough

Point is numbers work in some places. Even when they do, you set the rules on how you approach them. And in some places, they don't work at all. Unless of course you do this for a living. Maybe it matters more then. But maybe it doesn't.

Have fun. You are here to do your best work (*gasp* work is also not a bad word.) and don't let anything stop you. Read Steven Pressfield, he says it a lot better.