Finding Flow, or being in the zone is a heady feeling. Not while it is actually happening but later, when you reflect on it. Was that really you? And how do you do that again?!?

When your instructive, authoritarian self takes a backseat and instead you are somehow intrinsically connected with the activity.

But it is often elusive.

What I have learned to do in my physical training is to arrive at a state of relaxed concentration. Not 100% of the time. Not even close. But in this place of relaxed concentration, the instructive self does quiet down and instead there seems to be a much deeper connection with the body.

Stretching and Original Strength resets are when I arrive at this mental state often. With kettlebell work, I am often too amped.

Like everything, I think this is a skill that I can continue to work on.

I was listening to Earl Nightingale, and two quotes immediately latched themselves onto my mind.

Success is the
progressive realization of
a worthy ideal.

and he quotes Rollo May,

The opposite of courage in our society
is not cowardice,
it's conformity.