I used to get rather irritable and angry when I was feeling hungry. Sometimes, I would realise it was because I was hungry. Many times, I would not know why I was feeling that way and just end up lashing out or behaving like a jerk.

Just Mad
Photo by Andre Hunter / Unsplash

Once I put some food in my belly, magically everything was fine.

I know this to be true for a lot of people. We cannot think straight, or function when we are hungry. Our mood becomes deplorable, and our actions get childish to downright annoying. The newly coined term hangry seems pretty appropriate.

Hunger is not an emergency. It feels like it is. But it is not. If we are not struggling economically to put food on our table, hunger is most certainly not an emergency.

It is okay to feel hungry. Just that mental switch changed my life and thinking. I don't get irritable or angry anymore. If I am truly hungry, I get some food. But most times, I am fine to just wait it out, finish up what I am doing, and put food out of my head.

It feels liberating. And I feel mentally sharper the longer I feel that way i.e. not on a full stomach.

Photo by mrjn Photography / Unsplash

Funnily, many times, I realised that I was just thirsty and not hungry. Drinking some water seemed to make things fine for a reasonable period of time too.

If you get hangry, you can conquer it too. It is a mental thing. If you truly realise that it is not an emergency, and just ride it out, good things can happen.