What matters is what you think

Not other people's thoughts.

Not their opinions.

Not their methods.

Not how "it is supposed to be done."

Not other people's benchmarks.

Not "This is how everyone does it."

What matters is what makes you happy.

Not other people's vacations.

Not other people's toys.

Not how they spend their time.

But what brings you fulfilment.

What matters is your purpose.

If you want to run a small tuition centre for ten children? In the world of billion-dollar online education platforms, are you thinking too small? Or are you naive? Or are you wasting your time?

Are those even the right questions to be asking?

What matters are your beliefs.

Being surrounded by noise, it is hard to differentiate your thoughts from other people's thoughts.

When you lose your compass and your clarity, you will never get there. Wherever that is.

What matters is you listen to yourself.

And that's the hard part.

How does one reconcile the contradictions?

If you want to redefine how kids' education is done, is it fine to work with only 10 kids? Is that the moral thing to do? Or is it your responsibility to spread the word to the masses?

Or in my case, I know I have the right tools to teach long-term health and fitness. But does that mean I have to teach it to 1 million people? Is it a failure if I don't? There's no one right answer.

I am coming to the frightening realisation that every answer that I look for - in books, in mentors, in deconstructing the actions of much smarter people - is already inside me.

I have to look inside.

Not outside.

A prompt

What kind of questions are you struggling with?

What are you searching for outside of you?