results matter

We are measured by the results we produce. Even in the realm of fitness and nutrition, we measure ourselves by the results only.

How many kilos did I lose?

How much am I squatting today?

What is my current waist size?

All great, valid and pertinent questions. But a question I asked myself a long time ago was

Would I be happy with a pill that delivered whatever magical results I wanted overnight?

And frankly, I was astonished and pleased with my answer - NO! Because the effort I put in changes me. I become a stronger, wiser person because of the journey.

Dirty work
Photo by jesse orrico / Unsplash

I had already played games where I ensured the results were checked off while sleepwalking through the effort part of it. I knew that did not work for me. Not anymore.

but effort matters more

That's been my realisation. For two broad reasons.

One, I can control the effort I put in. I cannot control the result. I cannot control the outcome. Yes, as much as I'd like to think I can, it just does not work that way. Even if the training plan is designed by someone amazing, what I control is the effort.

Two, the journey matters more than the destination. The destination is a pitstop, a milestone, a place to stop along the way. Not the summit. Not the "I am done!" point that we assume it is.

All of this is about more than just physical outcomes.

We saw a magical sunrise this morning from Sunnega. After that we hiked across Stellisee, Fluhalp, Grindjesee and Findeln back to Zermatt. Just beautiful!
Photo by lovely shots / Unsplash

Control what you can control. Control your effort.

Measure the results. If they are not what they are supposed to be, look at the effort. Sometimes they require more time and/or more effort.

Don't expect results. Don't expect outcomes.

Don't measure yourself by outcomes.

Measure yourself based on your effort.

Did you give it your best shot? Well done. That is all.