I don't need to cook food. I can order from a restaurant. I can have a cook who makes my meals.

I don't need to pick that food up. I don't need to call the restaurant, I don't need to drive there and come back. I can just use an app.

Photo by DEAN SHAW / Unsplash

I don't need to drive anywhere. I can call a cab.

I don't need to do my dishes, or clean my house. I can hire help for that.

If I need to reach someone, I can call them or email them and reach them within 30 seconds.

Some of the many ways in which we've saved time, either via technology or by hiring people to do some of the work we don't want to do.

All of this should mean more time in our day, right? All of these and the stuff I've not listed out can easily add up to an hour a day.

Then why are we all time-poor?!