Every open tab on my browser is a pending task that I've delayed. More videos to watch. More articles to read.

In addition to this, I have a task list for the day and the week. The list just keeps growing.

And any time an idea strikes me, I email it to myself, or I write a short note and leave it on my laptop.

Room full of hats
Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar / Unsplash

All of these things add up. I realise that while I think it does not affect me, it does. The more clutter there is, in my physical space and my digital space, the more clutter there is in my head.

I tried something crazy the last time I felt annoyed and cluttered. I looked at all my emails that are older than 6 months (many of them are from me to myself), and just marked as read, and archived them. Funnily, the world did not come crashing down and I immediately felt better.

I've started to repeat this process but across many facets of my life - clear up the clutter. From my task list, to my reading list, to my unread emails, to my notes-to-self - I dedicate a few hours a month and I see if there's anything of value and I throw things away. And I feel so much better.

Photo by Edgar Chaparro / Unsplash

I am sure smarter people than me have said this but the act of de-cluttering the physical and digital space helps de-clutter the mind. At least, for me.