We are not elite athletes who need to perform every game day.

We don't need to show up to training every day and perform like it is game day.

We don't need to play through the pain.

Watching on
Photo by Nathan Rogers / Unsplash

We don't need to eat a crazy diet without pizza and ice-cream and all our favourite foods.

We don't have any pressure on us.

Except the unreasonable ones we put on ourselves.

We can have the "pro" attitude but with enough slack.

80% is good enough.

Eating like an adult at least 80% of the time allows 20% of favourite foods.

Training at 100% intensity once a week and 80% the rest of the time will allow us to have fun, recover and leave a huge margin for error.

Being "normal" is not a bad thing at all.

Let's use the advantages. 80% is good enough for a lot of these things.

Put 100% on the things where you are a professional.