Babies learn to use their heads, then roll, and then crawl. From there, the progression proceeds to walking.

When you enrol kids for music/singing lessons, they start with scales. And from there, they learn to keep a beat. From there, the progression proceeds to songs.


Vintage piano player
Photo by Darius Soodmand / Unsplash

Oh yes, there is the little bit about thousands and thousands of conscious repetitions. You keep repeating the same thing and you do it marginally better. You flop around. You try to roll and fail. You try to hit a scale and hit 3. You get better. But it is not consistent.

It gets boring. It gets annoying. And then you do something cool and it is suddenly a lot of fun. And this repeats.

As long as you keep at it, you get better.

As long as you keep pushing at the edge of your skill level, you get better.

This is how it is. And you know it.

Fixing your diet or losing fat is no different. They require you to master fundamentals, like eating vegetables, planning your meals, chewing your food. They require you to go to your training, learn the movement vocabulary, and be coached.

I am obviously biased towards coaching because a good teacher can make all the difference in your journey. But you can do it by yourself too. As long as you stick to the process.

To get good at something, you keep doing it. You keep perfecting old ways of doing it and you come up with new ways of solving problems too.

That's why the quick-results gang will always be searching for quick results. Every few months. And unfortunately for them, they will succeed. Which tells them they are right and I am an idiot.

But unless you learn habits, unless you learn maintenance, unless you figure out your principles, you will keep coming back to the same problem. And pretend it is a different problem.

Happy Deepavali. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to eat your bodyweight in sweets. Enjoy!