We all do crazy stuff with money, because we're all relatively new to this game and what looks crazy to you might make sense to me.
But no one is crazy - we all make decisions based on our own unique experiences that seem to make sense to us in a given moment.

– Morgan Housel, from The Psychology of Money

A great book. You should definitely read it if you haven't already. He writes so well.

Replacing money with fat loss or fitness could work just as well.

We all do crazy things. My evenings with the ab-belt that gave you electric shocks are a memory that makes me laugh.

Throw yourself into this entirely. Find what you love and let it kill you.

– Derek Sivers, talking about the music business.

Obsessions and diving into something can turn into paradigm-shifting events. Not everything turns out into a great story you read about in the papers or made into a neat movie (seen My Octopus Teacher yet?)

Many times, these can be just between you and you.

Caution in concentration -
Concentration is a form of exclusion,
and where there is exclusion,
there is a thinker who excludes.
It is the thinker,
the excluder,
the one who concentrates,
that creates contradiction,
because then there is a centre from which there can be
a deviation,
a distraction.

– Bruce Lee


That was my reaction the first time I read this, years ago. I understand that the words were English, but nothing beyond that.

The most confounding parts of my baby steps in meditation are the exercises where one looks for who/what's looking. So, in theory, I understand what these words mean now. Progress :)

A very disjointed set of quotes. Thanks for reading.