Fads make headlines and astounding claims. The results and transformation they offer are tweaked to fit today's trends. And then they die down. Only to re-appear in a few years time, taking advantage of the latest trends and shifts.

They sound much more fun and impactful than the truth. They scratch that itch you have for instant gratification. Even though you know that's not something you should look for. It hits exactly at the chink you have in your armour.

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Photo by Ashleigh Joy Photography / Unsplash

But the truth of most matters has not changed in a long time. Most of the fundamentals about lifting and nutrition have been around from before I was born. I thought everything was discovered in the '50s to the '80s. But the giants in my field reference authors from the early 20th century, and even in the 19th century.

The truth is boring. The truth is unshakeable. Eat the damn veggies. Do some physical activity that you enjoy. Have fun. Don't work too much. Do enough of this for the longer term and you have it all.

Boring does not make it untrue.

And if it sounds too good to be true, guess what?