You start off unable to run 500 metres, or walk up 5 flights of stairs, or bend down and tie your shoelace.

You run regularly and are able to run 10 kilometres at a stretch - that's frickin' brilliant and unbelievable. Do you now aim for 20 kilometres? What's after 20? 100?

Or do you change the game? But doesn't that go against the whole concept of Mastery?

You can totally change the game - why? Well, rules are what you make out of them. In the game of fitness, you can add more sub-games and sub-plots to it.

And you can come back to games you've played. Maybe after running 20 km, you decide more is not better. You want to run a faster 5k. Great! Or you want to run an Ultra - brilliant!

There are no wrong answers.

Well, except one, possibly. The point of the game is not to complete the game.

Coz then, what's the point?

The point of the game, I think, is to have fun and keep exploring boundaries.

Fitness can be an infinite game, and I strongly believe it should. Because it is a great vehicle to grow, and push yourself, and also have a great quality of life.

Don't be in a rush to squat your bodyweight or deadlift 2x or whatever, and think the game is done.

The game doesn't have to end.

And that's the best part!