While there are hundreds of reasons why we fail in our dietary goals, one of the most common reasons is eating when you are not hungry. Rather than give you 10 more rules and constraints and hoops to jump through, I am going to give you one simple and fool-proof system.

Eat 3 meals a day.

It can be 2 meals and a snack, sure.

Photo by Lily Banse / Unsplash

If you are walking around and you open the fridge and pop in a walnut, that counts as one. Meaning - don't do that.

Whatever you are going to eat, make it a part of your meal. A part of your plate.

3 meals a day. Nothing between meals. Nothing outside of meals. Nothing before or after meals. If you are eating it, it happens in that thirty minute window that you are eating.

Try it out for a week and get back to me. Oh, don't forget to measure yourself today and after one week.

It is so simple and powerful that you are going to ignore it. It is okay. You'll eventually try many other things and come back to this.

The system will wait for you, for when you are ready.