You can’t heal a sick culture with personal bandages. We still live in a world that normalizes physical health challenges but stigmatizes mental health challenges. As we head into a new post-pandemic reality, it’s time to rethink our understanding of mental health and well-being. “Not depressed” doesn’t mean you’re not struggling. “Not burned out” doesn’t mean you’re fired up. By acknowledging that so many of us are languishing, we can start giving voice to quiet despair and lighting a path out of the void.

– Adam Grant, from this wonderful article.

Learning to name an emotion is powerful. Learning to not run away from negative emotions is empowering. I think it is time we all had the courage to be fine with things not being okay all the time. We don't need to portray that everything's well, especially at a time like this.

This post helped me label an emotion. It struck a chord because it helps when I locate things on a spectrum. It is not just black/white.

What's amiss I'll stop to mend, and endure what can't be mended.

– Bruce Lee

Simple. Powerful. As always.

Practice, and during practice, allow yourself to make mistakes. Give yourself a mental high-five when you do well. And when you make a mistake, let it go.

Not all reps will be good reps. And that's okay.

– ummm, me

This is something I tell myself when I train. I used to (and sometimes habitually still do) go Tsk! Tsk! whenever I wasn't entirely happy with my rep. Or shake my head. My gut tells me that is not useful. So, I came up with an antidote for that and well, I thought I'd share it.

Thanks for reading! Do share anything that strikes your fancy. And if you enjoyed a quote above, sit with it for 5 minutes.