You went to bed late, only after midnight. You woke up at 5.30 am, thanks to your alarm. Do you go to the gym? Or do you turn it off and sleep in?

You are trying to eat zero sugar. You finish your dinner. And you want just a hit of sugar to polish things off. Do you? Or do you fight the craving and stick to the plan?

You are out having beers. Do you give in to the party mood and have 3 beers too many, which you know you will be annoyed with tomorrow when you wake up? Or do you stick to your preset decision?

The fun part about life is it is unpredictable. And how we react to the same situation in multiple ways adds to the unpredictability.

The right answer to all of the above is - It depends. I cannot answer it for you. Only you can.

Photo by Malvestida Magazine / Unsplash

Some days, the right answer is to sleep in. Some days, the right answer is to suck it up and go in and lift.

But I'll give you a guideline I follow for habits that I want to stick to but also leave some slack in the system - Don't repeat it two days in a row. For example, if I miss my breathing drills tonight - it happens. But I am definitely doing them tomorrow, come what may. If I am eating candy tonight as if I have not seen candy before, definitely no candy tomorrow even if the candy gods come home and give me the bestest candy in the world.

Don't repeat it two days in a row.