This is the main question, with what activity one's leisure is filled.

– Aristotle

Hobbies are awesome. They are a creative exploration of oneself, with no constraints, with no pressure.

If you are looking at turning your hobby into your job, think long and hard.

While old-school political socialism was an arm of the state, digital socialism is socialism without the state. This new brand of socialism currently operates in the realm of culture and economics, rather than government - for now.

– Kevin Kelly

There is power to social media. Right now, the signal to noise ratio is high but there's hope and there's scope for larger things to happen. And it is happening in various places but most of us are too busy with the noise.

But something will emerge.

Be exposed to the various paths of combinations and be able to change paths during execution.

– Bruce Lee

While this quote pertains to combat and attacking, I think a lot of things he says are applicable to life. His is a philosophy for life, and not just martial arts. That's just the initial lens.

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